Isn’t riding fun when you take it easy?

I felt terrible yesterday when I wimped out of riding in to work. The weather was terrible but when I was leaving it wasn’t raining. I came up with the excuse that I needed to go to Sainsbury’s. I went and only had two panniers worth of food and at 8pm the sky was clear and starlit. Poor excuse!

I made up for it this morning. I did drive in as I had some stuff to deliver but I did jump on the bike when I got to work.  Finally I got out onto what used to be my regular mid week spin. Out to Portslade then left at the lights and its one long climb to Devils Dyke (I use the disused railway line) then back via Fulking and Bramber. All the way over I was getting buffeted by the wind so I really was not looking forward to the climb, it was a direct head wind. I had decided to take it easy. It is amazing how easy riding can be if you decide to hold back. I wasn’t bothered about breaking any records and as a consequence, the wind didn’t bother me and I felt strong all the way. I was probably only going slightly slower than normal:

A nice combination of road riding with a mountain bike feel

averaged 26kpm.

I was well wrapped up and got back comfortable and warm. There is really no excuse for being uncomfortable with the clothing available today.  Tomorrow we’ll have weather from hell again so I profited from the sun today. Altogether a very satisfying morning.

Fahrenheit bootsGore Tool Jacket,

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