Fast, slow, slippery and a ducking

Single track on the river
Single track on the river
Happy canoeing, just before capsizing
Happy canoeing, just before capsizing

I was going to do something different today so I couldn’t ride for long but I definitely was going to ride. Despite all the advice to my customers about riding at this time of year it still catches me out. I’ve been road riding a lot recently and so, despite, 26 autumns of riding off road, I’d slipped 3 times on the first single track and then finished things of by hitting a tree with my bars. This was going to be a fun ride.

Each time that I felt that all the running and road work were paying off and I was going fast something would bring me right back to reality. Same with the down hills, once I’d got over the shock of sliding around I felt my confidence and speed increasing but just as I thought I’d got my mojo back I’d get a reminder that I wasn’t going that quick after all. It’s a drag being so critical of myself. Still it was fun to be out in the mud and I got back splat free with the bike only needing a light squirt. It’s amazing how quick the trails dry round here.

A quick shower and the bike expert was off to get some coaching in something completely different although we did find some single track and we did manage a fall, a spectacular fall! We went canoeing on the Adur with some great coaching from Vanessa and Graham. We then paddled down the river equivalent of single track and with all that newly gained technique we headed into open water  and immediately tipped the boat over! Cold!

Whilst I pride myself with my bike handling skills it did me good to suffer the humiliation of a freezing cold ducking. We’ll be back for more. Adur canoe club

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