Wonderfully windy

I planned the reverse of my usual ride today (Bostal, Bramber, Poynings, D. Dyke and back along the coast) but I overslept so I had to cut things shorts and go direct to Portslade and back. Why such a boring and busy route? To collect some parts for the van.

I couldn’t believe the traffic both out and back. It was absurd! I struggled against the wind although it seemed more south than east so it wasn’t that bad. For my return I checked out the seagulls and opted for the coast road, the right choice. I rode the whole way back and didn’t get passed once, the Garmin showed between 40 and 45 kph the whole way. It is not often that the wind is so kind. There was obviously a lot more east in it than I had thought.

There were two downsides to the ride back: the nose to tail traffic from Lancing to Worthing (I had to slow down) and the unfortunate man knock down in the road at Brooklands. I hope that he is OK – it didn’t look good.

The accident reminded me of last Saturday. I like to think that I am holier than thou when driving. I drive slowly. On Saturday, driving slowly, I approached the Chichester/Bognor roundabout and look to the right to see if it was clear. I saw a car. My wife screamed “Bike” and I slammed on the anchors. A good job that I was going slow. There, in front of me, was a man, on a bike, flouro road workers jacket and good set of lights!  I can blame the design of the car or maybe the aramco barriers or road signs but non of these would be excuses for hitting him. I still can’t figure out how I didn’t see him. It reminded me of just how vulnerable we are as riders. What else should I doing? How can I be more careful in future? Scary!

Take care – roads are dangerous.

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