Fantastic freeze

I couldn’t wait to get out this morning.  There was no way I was going to miss out on a frozen ride. If you’ve ridden in these conditions or read my blogs over the years you’ll know that there is something special about freezing rides. Perfect traction, up or down, better than the summer and you never have to clean the bike!

It actally wasn’t that cold this morning and I got too hot riding in. Not so tomorrow. Riding back home tonight it was just so cold and the forecast for tomorrow is colder. We meet at 7:30. The first time that the gang will be riding together since the Spring. We’ve been riding as a group for over 15 years without a break but this year we’ve gone our seperate ways. It’ll be good to be together again.

How many layers will I need? At least I’ve got my Northwave Celsius boots, I’ll report on them tomorrow.

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