Coldest ride that I can remember

It was showing minus 4 when I left. I was layered up, had a Buff sealing neck, ears and head with just my cheeks and nose exposed and my Northwave Celsius boots. It was going to be a cold one so I packed some old ski gloves and a spare fleece.

We met at 7:30 and rode off together only to find that Matt’s shock packed up on the first descent. That was a shame as it was the first time out together in months. I was riding the Scott Spark, the first time on suspension since September. Awesome – so comfortable and so much grip. We were not riding hard as one of my mates had run 11 miles yesterday and the other was keeping his heart rate below 140 (strick training regime) as a consequence I could take it easy and so felt super strong.

We ripped through  the steep stuff above Steyning and the headed back via Chantry and Patching. Whilst the ride was an easy cruise I really struggled up the last hill and on the road back I slowed up. I couldn’t understand why as the ride had been so tame but I hit “The Wall”. I’d only had a very small bowl of porridge at 6:30, I was only drinking water, didn’t eat the a gel and energy bar in my pocket. The Garmin showed 1900 calories used but you have to remember that whilst the ride may have been easy my body was working over time to keep me warm. Lesson learnt: always

Northwave Celsius boot
Northwave Celsius boot
Northwave Celsius boot
Northwave Celsius boot

eat and drink!

I was warm and comfortable all the way although it would have been better to have a thicker sock or two thin socks. The Celsius boots did a great job keeping me warm but the best thing about them is that they are very, very comfortable and are every bit a performance shoe. The sole is carbon re-inforced. You could race in them they are that good.

Finally, as you’d expect, the bike came back cleaner that when we left.


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