Enjoy the warm

Its been really cold for a bit too long. Usually I am the one to encourage enjoyment of the cold and snow but with various commitments I have actually used this week of no cars to do more driving than usual. Sunday was my last ride. I’ve driven several journeys everyday. The roads have been fine thanks to the reduced numbers of cars and I suppose, having spent several seasons in the Alps, snow on the roads doesn’t worry me as it seems to most drivers (that doesn’t mean that I’m speeding – I’m just more comfortable in this environment).

One great thing about the snow is the loss of a driver’s natural environment. Take away pavements (which the snow effectively does) and we are enjoying, and I mean enjoying, shared space. There are more pedestrians about and drivers are actually considerate – they appear the relish the opportunity to let you cross the road.

So what’s good about today. I rode in, no Buff, summer gloves and I had to take my jacket off when I got here! I was hot. It is such a nice feeling to have the wind in your face as you  speed into work without the pain of the cold. The bad news is that drivers are again feeling that they own the roads and woe-be-tide anyone that gets in their way.

Let me know if you’ve had any snow adventures this week.

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