Social riding is fun

All my life riding has been about going fast. I really enjoy my rides but there is always a serious element. This week, like last, it was going to be an easy cruise. It was so relaxing, it was fun, it was social. We had a good chin wag and stopping for a pee or to adjust my race guards didn’t seem to matter.

It was relatively mild, just above freezing and all of us had either Fahrenheit or Celsius boots so we were going to have warm toes. If your toes are warm road riding then everything is warm. There was no snow and no ice and I had just fitted some Conti 4 Seasons so I felt safe. But that feeling was not going to last.

We were going to ride up from Goodwood to East Dean but as we gained altitude the wet on the road turned to ice and there was more and more snow. There was no way that we were going to risk the steep shaded descent in to East Dean so we headed along Selhurst Park Road to join the A285 and head South and lower to where it was warmer. Some of the road was still covered in snow and ice and after watching Jes fall into the snow we walked across one section. The run down the 285 was fast but for the first time my hands got cold.

By the end of the ride my legs were tired. This time I couldn’t blame bonking, far from it. I had had a bowl of porridge, two bottles of PSP22, a Mule Bar (Apple strudel – so good) and a gel. Maybe I’m just not fit enough! Anyway, an easy ride with an average heart beat of 130bpm we still averaged 16.6mph over 60miles. I love winter rides


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