Is it an excuse to blame the weather?

As I sit here with an ice pack on my ankle I am worried that now the swelling has gone down I may have actually cracked a bone.

I start the blog like this as yesterday was Sunday and we all know what Sundays are for. They are for riding. I had a lay in. I was tired, felt like ***t and can claim to be injured but they were all covers for the fact that I didn’t fancy it. Road riding would have been out of the question on safety grounds so riding off road would have been the plan. Despite the pain in my ankle I was assuming that it would be OK to cycle. However, I gave up even before leaving work on Saturday. In the past I have used this blog as a motivation to get you and ride but not this weekend.

This is depressing but not as depressing as The BBC Sports Personality awards. To be honest, I did expect AP McCoy to win. His acheivements and personal sacrifice and dedication over his career is remarkable. The rest of the athletes including The Power Taylor are all notable. But what depressed me was the token way that they dealt with Mark Cavendish. On a world stage there are few athletes that have acheived so much so young – if any! In Europe this has not gone unnoticed and he may well be remm

Mark Cavendish
Mark Cavendish

ebered alongside Merkx and Armstrong in years to come. Cav will get over it but will we as cyclists. Why is it that the nations media chooses to boycot cycling and yet when, on a weekend of the Wimbledon Final and the British Grand Prix over 3 million spectators gotout and lined the route of the Tour de France in the UK. The very race that has made Cav the icon that he is?

The media will obviously rally behind us for a few weeks in 2012 as where else will we get any Olympic success. The British press sucks and one of  the worse offenders, if not the worse is the BBC.

In the meantime, I taking the turbo trainer home to keep me sane.

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