The days are getting longer……. and bikes bigger

Oh Joy of Joys, I woke this morning in the pitch black knowing that summer is on the way. We have started to see the nights getting shorter. Always look on the bright side of life.

Whilst my foot still hurts I have found that riding is not just possible but easy. I was out cruising (pubs) last night as there was the Sussex MTB do in the Selden which is a pub with a remarkable array of imported ales – imported means expensive but tasty. On then to the Sussex Windsurfing do, not such good beer but the company was good. Both Jimbo and I are linked to both of these groups in one way or another.

Aside from the beer you can’t imagine how nice it felt to be riding around again.

I was on my Ridgeback Panorama – Reynolds 725 luxurious comfort. This is a leisure machine, a tourer. It can still be fast but it is a comfort machine. I have just had a chance to ride a similar bike. Similar only in the way that it feels: smooth, fast, comfortable and like the Panorama with a comfortable high front end. However, this machine is actually billed as a racing mountain bike: the Scott Scale 29er Pro. Yep, believe it or not they both feel the same. One is a 27lb steel machine the other a 23.79lb racing demon. Jimbo and I will both be reviewing this soon, in fact we are fighting over it.

Is the 29er thing just a fad or will it make me faster?

Now I’m off the Brighton to shop by bike, panniers at the ready!

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