Two wheels good – four wheels bad

I went into Brighton to shop using a bike yesterday. What a contrast between Worthing and Brighton. I felt that I was in cycle heaven. A lot of the roads that I went on were limited to bikes, buses and taxis. I rode down pedestrian precincts and even the wrong way down One Way streets whilst all around me seemed quite content that there was a cyclist sharing their space.

How different Worthing is? By the look of drivers faces and to tone of their engines you are not always made to feel welcome in Worthing. Despite that Worthing has remarkable cycle usage: 10% of journeys to work, that is 5 times the national average. It used to be the bikiest town in West Sussex but has been beaten by Chichester. However, Worthing’s position is remarkable in that it has come with virtually no investment or will to help cyclists. Chichester has had a concerted campaign and has spent huge amounts of our County money.

Its not all bad, a couple of days ago I was approaching a mini roundabout, the on coming car, turning right, had priority but this requires slowing right down, virtually to a stop, indicating and slowly turning right. The obvious thing to do, without effecting the maneuver that much would be to beckon the cyclist on. This time the driver did. Drivers have rights but exercising them to the nth degree all the time doesn’t make sense. Thank you Sir for you kindness.  I wonder whether this attitude will extend to letting pedestrians cross the roads in the town.

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