Has it come to this?

Turbo trainer
Turbo training in the garage

What sort of a country do we live in? Winter arrives and it gets cold so what does the media do? It rants as if cold weather and snow are a news item. Then to make matters worse (especially for me as a retailer), shopping replaces snow as the number one news item. I woke wanting to enjoy one of my few days off and the news headline story is how the nation started shopping again Christmas day on line and today they’ll be out there getting bargains. Is this really a news item. Come on BBC?

Get a life people!

So how am I going to keep sane? The garage, a turbo, my trusty Cento Uno, some new shoes (more on those later) and some good tunes on my iPod (Arcade Fire are the best…). So its come to this! After slagging off the garage boys I am now joining them. Pedalling is good, where ever you are. Enjoy.


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