Don’t wind up your riding buddies

I need to think carefully how I write up today’s ride as there are dire consequences for getting it wrong. Last week I had what seemed like the easiest ride in recent memory. I put this down to the bike, the Scott 29er Pro, with its very light weight and the bigger wheels it made the whole riding experience a breeze. Jes took this to mean that I was writing that I was burning him off on the ride. Whilst he is sticking to 140 bpm he still has more power than most to tap into.

We started at my place and Jes had had a 3 mile up hill to warm up. We headed off at a brisk pace with Matt wagging his finger at me saying ” this is your fault”. I didn’t want to complain but I was suffering. I could blame Jes, the bike, my legs but blame doesn’t help. I was supposed to be writing a review of the Marin Mount Vision XM8 but the way we were riding recording the bikes performance was not on the cards. The seat post kept slipping down which is one of those problems that causes pain but when you are already suffering it takes a while to realise. The Mount Vision is a great bike but Jes was riding a Spark 10 weighing in around 23lbs and with us on our usual XC ride, testing the bikes 140mm travel was not on. We didn’t even drop down to Steyning as my lowest gear was 39 x 36 and I didn’t feel up to pedalling back up in the big ring (the front mech had broken).

I’m of the opinion that the best bike is the lightest bike as all I want to do is to get along as quickly as possible with the least discomfort.  I needed all the help I could get today. In its class the Mount Vision XM8 is light. But today most of the time was spent climbing and I needed the most climb oriented bike I could get.  I should have taken the Marin Rift Zone. If you’ve read my bolgs you’ll know how much I love this bike. One’s choice of bike comes down to two things: how you ride and with whom you ride. To a certain extent where you ride is less relevant. You need the right tools for the job.

As the ride went on, with the seat post firmly clamped, and with Jes easing off the Mount Vision was copping well and I’d stopped moaning. In fact it is a credit to the design team that it performed so well on an XC ride. For those who look at a hill and see a descent as opposed to a climb this bike will come into its own. I’ll write it up properly when I have had a session down the gnarly back of the Downs. In the meantime look at Jimbo’s review due out this week.

Last week I arrived home fresh and even my shirt was dry. Today I got back suitably roasted. Once a weeks is not enough.

Herd of deer
Herd of deer – never seen a herd on a ride before
Welcome rest
Welcome rest
Marin Mount Vision XM8
Marin Mount Vision XM8

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