Disappointingly slow

I fit a computer to record all my commuter mileage remembering that the last time I had a computer on my old Kona Kula  my average was 16mph, it is currently under 15mph. Is it my age, the fact that all my trips have been short, or is it the 41lb weight of the bike (its those old wet panniers that do it)?  Should I worry?  I really love riding this bike, a custom Ridgeback Panorama.  It is just so damn comfortable and, computer reading aside, fast enough. It’ll be quiet a shock to get back onto my 16lbs speed machine!

Last night was meetings night. Jimbo was over at Devil’s Dyke for a South Downs National Park mountain bike discussion. I can’t think of a better person than Jim to be helping the National Park Authority with their plans for mountain bikers. The whole approach is very positive so don’t worry.

I was at the best Worthing Revolutions meeting that I have been to. We discussed the need for making sure that our (Worthing Cyclists) needs are correctly presented to West Sussex County Council.  They, along with Highways Authority, will be attending The Worthing Cycle Forum next Wednesday 19th January, 7:30pm, The Gordon Room, Worthing Town Hall. All are welcome to have a say.  Come along! There is a lot happening in the town and local area so, whilst money is tight, at least the plans for a better future are being put together. If you want to have your say, add your ideas to the Wishlist or make a comment on some of the other wishes go to Worthing Revolutions Wishlist.

Today I am at a meeting about promoting The Downs Link.

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