Wet, warm and windy to wottingdean

Like everyone I get into things and with the new Marin demos I’ve been hooked by the Downs and the mud so, having monitored the forecast over the last few days, it was really difficult talking myself into riding the road. What made it doubly difficult was having my buddies either away or spent after 80miles with Brighton Mitre CC. I was going to be on my own.

I took a chance with the wind and decided to head East: Steyning, Ditchling, Falmer, Rottingdean and back. I met up with a friend doing hill reps on Titch Hill, I tried to tempt him with my route which had a few ups in it but he declined so I only had his company for one short climb.

I was testing Zipvit products again. The gels are really thick so I popped one in one of those gel bags and mixed it with water – perfect, took it on Underhill just before Ditchling Beacon. Hoping that the caffine would give me a boost.

I don’t know whether you know it or not but the road from Falmer to Rottingdean is a great ride. The cars are a pain but the route is really satisfying. It is hilly but not too difficult. The Southerly wind was the only problem.

On the coast road I was rewarded with enough East in the wind to keep me close to 25mph most of the way to Brighton. From Brigthon the Worthing the wind just hindered me. That was tough. I ate a Zipvit choc bar, bit sweet but very easy to eat. I have trouble getting food down on a road ride so these get the thumbs up. I started to hurt fighting the wind so took  a Rhubarb and custard Torq gel. I’ve never had this one before, it tastes exactly like rhubard crumble and custard – awesome.

I’m so glad that I got out on the road again. It was only 45 miles but a really good work out, only one stop to refix my light. But it is hard work riding on your own in the wind. As I write this I am not hungry atall. I must get into the habit of taking more gels when I ride.

Spring is definitely in the air. It was really warm, that is the one benefit of the windy weather.  Here’s the ride and here’s the bike: Wilier Cento Uno Record.

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