Its work Jim, but not as you know it.

Today we had a meeting with the people that have enabled the Steyning boys to build all those free ride trails above the Steyning Horseshoe. It was a site meeting so why drive when we can ride (this is a good philosophy for life). So, 7:30 my place and the quickest route to get up there to perfect our jumping on the very place that we would be discussing later on.

Jimbo air
Jimbo air

The meeting went well. We are really lucky to have landowners that are so generous. We need to work out a strategy to ensure that the trails can be enjoyed by all and that other users are not adversely effected by riders. Watch this space!

If anyone reading this knows of any of the young trail builders please get them to contact us.

I have to mention the bike again: the Marin Mount Vision. Anyone that knows me will be aware that I am XC racer boy in an old man’s body. Long travel (140mm) bikes are just not my cup of tea. However, this bike is light enough and climbs so well that I have to admit to more than just liking it, I’ll be taking it out for a blast whenever I get the chance. It is opening doors – I’m getting air and loving it. I even went over the bars whacking helmet and landing on my back. Great, I always used to fall, and in recent times I hardly hit the deck at all. Why is falling good? It takes away the fear so that you can be more relaxed, riding tense causes you to hold back or crash. It might seem odd but the odd fall actually prevents more and worse falls. Many may find this odd but that is the way that I look at it.

A good day at the office.

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