What’s hardest?

I am often asked what I do. Road or off road? Both, all I really do is exercise, I’ll do anything to get my heart beat up, muscles pumping and mind drifting. Today I ran, not far but getting quicker. I was much quicker than last week but the trails were relatively firm better than the  standing water of last week. Have you noticed how slow the mountain bike rides are on this ever so soft ground?

My legs hurt. It was probably due to the ride on Tuesday to view the Steyning trails. That should have gone down as an easy one but maybe my legs were suffering from Sunday’s road ride, but that wasn’t far… Maybe I’m just getting old.

Mountain biking is full of stops and downs, road riding is more intense with less rests. Running has no respite. They are all hard if you want them to be. It all depends on how hard you want to make it. However, its not about how hard, its about enjoyment. For me the enjoyment increases the fitter that I am.

So, what was the high point of today’s run? The rising sun? The mist? The dew? No, the My Generation medley from The Who Live at Leeds (this album originally cost me 17s 6d). So now that My Generation is in Grand Veteran category I just hope that I can keep on riding where ever, road or dirt, and I’ll keep trying to make it as hard as possible.

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