Talk about bikes……

Talking about bikes. Its not as good as riding them. This week I went to the Madison Cycles show. Boy, there’s some tasty stuff around. The XTR duo crank is probably the best bit of MTB kit that I’ve seen in a long while. There’s a carbon version of everything. Give me seven grand and we could still find more to add to your bike.

With me going Tuesday and Jimbo and Darren on Thursday there was not time to ride. But I did run home and then around the golf clubs the next day. This gave me some time to reflect. With all the technology available there is a temptation to think that you can’t have fun unless you have a six figure salary. That’s rubbish. You can have fun on anything.  If your bike is working OK and designed for the conditions then the first thing that you need to do (other then ride it) is to plan to invest in the things that make riding pleasant, or in current climes, tolerant. That means your kit: clothing. This has way more effect on your ride than, say, a brake upgrade.

I’ve got some new running shoes, winter ones ordered in error and so I found mysef looking for and running through as many puddles as possible to keep my feet cool. That made the run fun. Same will be true of your ride if you are wearing the right kit.

Its getting warmer folks

XTR 2 x 10 crank
...but if you can afford it: XTR 2 x 10 crank!

and the sun is out. There is hope!

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