Oscars, mud and poo

Today is Oscar day and by coincidence, I was going to be making a film. We were shooting a “pilot” for a Downs Link movie. Its not going to be a block buster but a nice intro for families and leisure riders that don’t know about this great asset of ours.

Not wanting to waste a day and as part of my involvement with the organisation of the trail system above Steyning I rode up to see, photograph and, of course, ride one of the tracks that I was told about on Saturday.

It was half an hour to the Steyning Trails, half and hour to play and half an hour to The Ropetackle to meet the film crew at 10 so I could have a lay in. At play I rode a great technical trail of fallen trees, berms and jumps full on cross country style with 100mm travel and my saddle high… brings back sweet memories.

I was kitted out with GoPro cameras on my helmet and chest for the Downs Link. What a shame that I didn’t have that for the steeps and fallen trees earlier on in my ride. We rode to Bramber Castle and I have to admit to not having been there before. Wow! Its been standing there, a Saxon monolith, for over a thousand years. We also visited the Saxon Church at Botolphs. I’d ridden past countless times and always tell my colleagues that it is over a thousand years old yet I’ve always been in too much of a hurry to stop!

If anyone wants to know about filming, it is boring. Stop, start, try it again. We entered the Red Lion five times! The locals wondered what was going on. When we found a quiet corner for a drink we would have gone unnoticed except the massive camera on an industrial sized tripod with two guys in flouro jackets with TV Film Crew on their backs. We’d got drinks, Julia had a pint of Guiness and I had a half but this was no go for the movie. Apparently it’s not PC for the man to have a half, so we swapped for the crucial sipping scene and I ended up drinking the lot.

Filming over I headed home, the sun disappeared and rain came down. Here’s another coincidence, I crossed the toll bridge, and was about to head up through Lancing College when I spotted some roadies heading down Coombs, It was the WECC returning from their Eastbourne weekend away. They were down one man, the only one not to wear a helmet decided to head butt the road. He has been stitched up and is OK now. Good luck Keith.

I usually ride for a frantic three hours but today I was out for over six hours. A lot of the riding was easy but still a long time for me. It was fun riding with Julia who is fit and strong and great company. The weather was warm and sunny and the only down side was the piles and piles of dog crap. Don’t the Shoreham residents have any respect and appreciation for their local environment? Its unbelievable but what wasn’t left on the trail was neatly wrapped in a poo bag and then left on the ground. Shame on you Shoreham!

Rob and Paul from Fluid Moves did the filming. Download the six stage Downs Link route guide from here.

The journey back was just so wet and so muddy that I think I’m going to turn to the road bike for the next few weeks.

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