Sometimes it can be harder at the front

This evening we went out for another short and fast blast – over the Bostal to Henfield then Partridge Green and back via Spithandle Lane. I was worried as I thought that my legs would be hurting from Sunday and I hadn’t really eaten during the day. I took a Zipvit caffeine gel just before we left. I’ve done this a few times now and they seem to work.

It was a good ride. I think that I was spurred on by an offhand comment this afternoon. I guy came in the shop and we have a mutual riding buddy. I say riding buddy but that is more in spirit than in shared trails or roads. I consider him a riding buddy as we share a similar passion and approach. The comment was that Jo had become a white shoe rider. Well buddy, you should have seen my shoes tonight. White and I’m proud!

Northwave Typhoon in white
Northwave Typhoon in very white

Sunday was hell and I complained about the pain. Tonight was great and yet the pain was much more intense. Driving hard at the front hurt but it was worth it. I was going quick. I don’t know how to describe it but the feeling was really satisfying, the view from the front is just just so much better that the one from the back. If I dropped off all that I had to do was to wind it up and I’d be back at the front again. I’ve waited a long time for this.

Tomorrow morning will be good as I’ll be testing some 29ers but that is a secret. Don’t tell anyone.

Here’s the ride and I was on my Wilier Cento Uno. I can’t wait for the Goodwood Gallops to start

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  1. Neil says:

    Hey JP, those white shoes definitely make you go faster. It all seemed to start after they were de rigeur for “best men” at Rorys wedding! Jo is far too fast for me to tag along in the group these days. Must be the shoes – right – not my lack of decent XC mileage.

    1. Hi Neil,
      Very nice to meet you.
      The rule is “never blame yourself” it’s always the gear………. Now that’s not because I have a shop but after years of observation I noticed that that is what people do.
      Don’t put yourself down. Riding a 38lbs bike is going to change your view of speed. Lighten up on the bike and self criticism and make a stand for us oldies.

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