Happy as larry

The young and the old
The yet to be and the has been

Today was race day. I went up to ride the first round of the Southern XC off the back of Will’s enthusiasm. The race started at 12:30 which threw me. All my races, virtually forever, have started around 9am. I had loads of spare time. Luckily Andy Brooker wanted to come with me. I say luckily because driving up is OK but I never liked driving home alone after a race. With so much time and company I managed to forget my coffee cup (always a part of the routine), my track pump, my hand pump and the lube.

We got there in plenty time to ride the course and poor Will had to put up with a constant stream of advice from the old sage. I’m surprised that he didn’t just ride off. Then the racing started. I’m always writing about riding fast and I think that that is because I miss racing. The moment we sprinted off I was in my element. I finished on a high partly because it was my first race in nearly two years and partly because I felt so comfortable. Feeling comfortable, however, is not the name of the game, I can’t have been trying hard enough or I just wasn’t riding fast enough. I was secretly hanging onto the idea that the old man would prevail but, as you have probably guessed, youth won the day. Will beat me by 5 minutes. Can you imagine how far 5 minutes is when you are riding flat out – literally miles ahead?

I ate well last night, had muesli for breakfast, had a sandwich on the journey, drank energy drink on the way up, had a latte and then before the start took a caffeine gel – all part of the routine. Will on the other hand had 4 bits of toast for breakfast and then drank orange squash. I had a recovery drink and protein afterwards. Will had chips. Now how fast will he be when he gets his preparation right?

What a great day? I can’t wait for the next race.


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