Thanks Dave!

I started this week on good form. I can only conclude that there is more than just marketing hype to the recovery products that I have been using. I’ve taken a Zipvit protein recovery bar after every hard ride over the last few weeks and the next day I wake feeling normal (in my case a bit knackered) and ready for the next ride. After the race I also had an SIS Rego recovery drink and went to bed having supped an SIS Nocte. Monday I felt raring to go. However, I know my body and I have to get the right balance between workouts and recovery so I’ve driven in every day (not lazy but giving lifts to offspring).

At last the long awaited Strada wheels that Darren has been promising arrived. So, for probably the first time ever, I was going to take a lunch break. I brought my kit in in anticipation. Daz set the bike up with the new wheels and I was off. I was desperate to get my legs spinning again. Shorts and short sleeves: was it summer? I wanted to ride up Titch Hill down the Bostal and back via Coombes. As I got to the top, bang! It sounded as if I had been shot. I was really feeling good on the climb (most probably down to the wheels) until the blow out. I stopped in the lay-by to fix my flat and realised that I needed 60mm valves. The split was irreparable. Then I met Dave. He was an interesting character and offered to drive me back. Thanks Dave!

So much for my first go on carbon road wheels. I’ve ridden off road carbons and tested many customers wheel sets but there is something different about seeing them on your own bike. Wow they set it of well. I suppose its like seeing the one you love dressed in lace, makes her even more desirable than normal….

They’ll get tested over the next couple of days, weeks, months.

Wilier Cento Uno Strada
Wilier Cento Uno Strada

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jes says:

    Whoops…. and am I right in saying you’ ve still never ridden a set of wheels with tubs?

  2. Jes says:

    …..ehhh, is it true the lunchtime ride took place about 4.00 pm?
    Whilst your avid blog readers appreciate the wheels look pretty bling, what the hell did they ride like?

  3. Chris Collier says:

    I’ve never dressed my bike in lace, sounds as if I should give it a go..

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