Best day of the year

Today was a good day. It started when I saw that it was already 12 degrees at 6:30am. That meant no jacket just jersey and only arm and knee warmers to counter the slight chill. I was going for an easy and flat ride to get my legs going again after last weeks exertions. I was also going to test out my new hoops. I have a set of 46mm Strada deep section carbon wheels thanks to wheel-supremo our very own Darren Rawlings.

When I want to avoid hills before work I ride out towards Climping then through Ford to Arundel and back. It’s a nice easy spin. Brilliant blue skies and a warm sun meant that this was the best day of the year so far and will go down as one of the best days of the year to come.

So what of the wheels? I’m used to making objective assessments of kit but for the first time I couldn’t, at least not yet. Were they lighter, stiffer, more comfortable and faster through the air? I should be able to answer but all that I can say is that they look so damned cool that I just didn’t care.  One thing that I have learnt is that if you use a bit of kit and don’t notice it then that is a sure sign that it is very , very good. These wheels are very, very good.

Wilier Cento Uno coffee stop
Wilier Cento Uno coffee stop

So how do you finish up a great morning ride? With a quality Italian coffee. Cappuccino’s serves up one of the best coffees in town. I’m a coffee snob and this stuff is good.

All was not over. I had to test a Wilier Gran Turismo for a customer. I was to hammer as hard as possible in the 11 tooth, a gear I never use on the flat. I did what was asked of me, so much for an easy ride, I was overtaking cars! Prior to my outing Daz had already sorted the problem so I knew that any issues would have been sorted. That was another 6 miles. The Gran Turismo is an awseome bike. It matched mine in every respect with perhaps a bit more comfort. The Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed was a much better shift than my old Record.

Not a bad day….

Here is the ride

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