Rights of way??? Its getting busy.

I usually feel obliged to ride whenever I can because I work 6 days a week. Sometimes I feel that I have to so that I can write up this blog. Thanks it gets me out on the difficult mornings. My Sunday morning rides have taken on a religious importance. But yesterday was unique as I wasn’t going to work and riding first thing would have been a problem as it was my twins 19th birthday. I’d spend time with them and then would do the sort of stuff than most people do but I never do as I usually ride on my day off. I then spend the rest of the day mixing recovery with making up for lost time with my wife.

Yesterday I did actually get on a bike. I needed to collect something from the shop and then meet up with a friend. It was so warm even early in the day that it felt like August. Even running errands I still do my best to make sure that my average speed keeps rising.

This morning I took the single track route to work. Hammering down the Cissbury East Gate track I ran out of gears so I couldn’t judge how quick I was going through the squiggly bit. I must have been going fast. On the climb up to the top of Tenants Hill I was in a dream enjoying the easy effort and warm air when there was an explosion of noise and a shout – someone going flat out down the track (John I think – sorry to have scared you, mate). The cry warned me that there would be another rider. As is usually the case the second guy was less experienced and he did the unthinkable – he unclipped. Do that an you have lost complete control and will have no brakes. At climbing speed taking avoiding action is difficult but I was going just quick enough to ride up the side and into the fence.

Whilst they could be considered in the wrong, I was the nutter climbing a hill that most avoid and, to be fair, I had just done the same thing of Cissbury. I do ride there in particular ready to take aversive action as I met a walker once (once only in 25 years) but once is enough. Good luck guys, enjoy the descents and be prepared for the unexpected. It’s getting busy on our patch.

Nature watch.

Slow worm
Slow worm – Anguis fragilis

I cleared the back yards and found this little friend. It stayed around for the whole clean up. This morning I found another right in the middle of the trail. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s a lot of nature out there as well as wild riding.

Bluebell Wood tomorrow.

Bike? Marin Riftzone XC8, review coming soon.

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