Lazy Days

I had a really easy ride today. Why not? I’m on holiday – chilln’ out, sipping a beer as I write. I watched Philippe Gilbert win the Liege-Bastogne-Liege with the help of the Schleck brothers and I’ve just seen Scott Roberts come 2nd in one of the rounds of the MTB World Cup 4 cross in South Africa. It was only a few days ago that I was wishing him luck as we checked out a possible 4X venue near to Steyning.

I was riding easy as I’ll be doing my first road race on Tuesday at Goodwood (my racing licence arrive yesterday). I have spent a depressing winter worried about how slow I have been riding. I’ve not ridden a “standard” geared mountain bike bike since August. My bike is a duo, 2×9 (42/29), all the demos are 2×10 (39/26) or 29er 3×10 so I have always felt that I was in too low a gear. Add to this a very muddy winter I really thought that I had ground to a halt and was riding so slow that I’d never push a big gear again. Well, today I rode a climb, with ease, in 42×34 that I would have expected to ride in 32×34. All that worry and it turns out that I am stronger, not weaker, than I thought. I’ll probably not be so upbeat Tuesday night.

I got a bit frustrated on the ride by some for the building that has been going on. Wiston House has been kind enough to let locals build trails, jumps and North Shore. The area allowed is the triangle of woodland above Steyning between the three bridleways that surround it. It’s at the top of the Horseshoe if you don’t know it. I do agree that if you offer up some land at the top of the hill you are going to have to expect the riders to ride back down again so a “run out” would be good idea. However, as this land is private and kindly offered up for our enjoyment, it seems bit insulting to take advantage and go beyond what has been allowed. Call me at the shop if you want to meet up with the owners of the land to see if they will offer some other options. I like the trails and jumps as much as anyone but I don’t want to lose them.

Here is the ride, short & nice ‘n easy.

Nature watch: Bluebells are out but it is bone dry and scorching hot, they won’t last the week. Get up there asap!

Quest Adventure for 29ers in the South East

Bluebell wood
Bluebell wood

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