Riding for the sheer joy of riding

I went out for an easy ride today to see how my legs would feel after last week’s trauma. We left in drizzle but that soon blew over and we spent most of the ride in the sun and wind. The trails are bone dry and dusty.  It is wonderful.  We rode a load of trails that I’ve never ridden before. They were off the beaten track and I have an uncanny knack of finding the end first so whilst the single track was awesome it was up.  That might be a drag for some but for me that’s fine. I was riding for the sheer joy of riding. My legs felt great after a week off for recovery. I forgot the Garmin again, sorry, but if I had it you’d have seen that our route was even more all over the place than The Monarch’s. Most of our fun was had following the trails that I usually walk admiring the bluebells.

I revisited the crash scene and can’t see how such a safe place could cause so much carnage. I was riding with some caution but I still managed to fall of my bike. On Cardiac Arrest I was in the 29 and mid block. I had been riding out of the saddle a lot and as I put in a real effort to chase down my brother the chain jumped a sprocket and I fell over the bars. Up hill, damn it! I really hurt my groin again aggravating a strain. My chain had worn out. I’m always advocating that you should keep your bikes well maintained but as my bike works so well I always forget to check my chain. So Tuesday I’ll be fitting some new kit.

It was very, very windy (the climb up the SDW from the tin barn at Sullington Hill felt as if it was going down not up.) Despite the early rain and wind I couldn’t have been more comfortable. I think that the advantage of being a roadie and mountain biker is that the mountain biking benefits from road riding hand-me-downs. Good clothing is the only way to ensure a comfortable ride so, as I have just got a Wilier Trasperente  jersey/jacket, I have relegated (promoted) my Endura FS260 Jetstream jersey to mountain biking. It is perfect for days like today. I can honestly say that I have not had a ride or race in months when I have got either too hot, cold or wet through too much perspiration.

Life is good.

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