You are what you drink

Being fit is not essential but the fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy your rides. Getting fitter is called training. For some this is very formal and involves trainers and plans. For others it is a little looser and consists of simply more rides. Whatever your method it will usually mean some sacrifice and, if you are doing it properly, some reward. Bring on the Niner Y.A.W.Y.D headset cap.

Now I don’t know what sacrifice I have made recently as the pleasure of caning myself up every climb is a form of masochistic pleasure but I do know that yesterday’s reward was a Stella. Now Leuven is in Flanders and Flanders can claim to be the home of all things road riding, some Italians may disagree, but Belgium probably has a more justifiable case than any other nation to be the home of cycling. Leuven is the home town of Stella and whilst for some my choice of bottle cap may not be that cool; the beer was and it went down a treat.

However, mass produce beer like that is not really very good. So, as part of my training program I headed of to Sainsbury’s this morning to collect a few decent caps. They all came with bottles and wonderful ale attached. Now I’m not such a poser that I’ll swap the cap without any effort.  However, I will after enduring at least two or three hard hours in the saddle. Just to keep the Itailan connection happy I did buy a Peroni Gran Reserva. A trip to the home of cycling and, as it happens, the home of beer beckons.

If you want to have a go at this excellent form of training you can buy a Niner Y.A.W.Y.D headset cap (for motivation) from the shop. It’s just another reason to take the big wheel revolution seriously.

The photo of a parched local trail is just another reason to keep the liquid intake up.

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