Big wheel Mid Summer spin

It was bright, sunny, warm and windy and it was the longest day. It wasn’t the longest day because I’d risen just after five but it was mid Summers day. I wanted to be out on a mountain bike to celebrate. I rode the Scott Scale 29er Pro.

I was extra excited about riding the 29er as we have just built up the Niner EMD and an mega build Niner Air 9 Carbon. I headed straight for Steyning woods to ride the same trails that I rode on Sunday on the Marin Rift Zone XC8. With the wind behind me and those big wheels rolling I got there in record time. My tyres were really soft, infact the front was too soft causing the bike to squirm all over the place when climbing out of the saddle.  Soft tyres do make you ride delicately – if you try you can float over roots. On the technical trails the bike took everything in its stride. It covers the ground with speed yet you get the feeling that you have time; I could even look down at the jump that I was clearing. 29ers, are more than just the future they are a wasted past. Even the climb up from Mouse Lane was easy. I have to admit that the Rift Zone was easier as it required less skill but weighing over 2 pounds more meant that overall the Scott would be my choice. Its big wheels took me down the DH track from the top dropping down to the bridleway up from Mouse Lane.  The front tyre nearly peeled off but I never fell that I would fly over the bars on the drops (its too steep for me to jump these). I should have put more air in but I don’t like stopping unless I absolutely have too.

The rear end of the Scott Scale 29er Pro is suppose to have 4.5mm if shock absorbtion. It works so you end up riding it like a full suspension bike with the only negative consequence being the constant bumping causing my back pack to bounce around. This I sorted by tightening the straps.

As for the sizing issue, I felt really comfoartable riding the large (620mm effective top tube!). Now that I am used to 29ers, the bike doesn’t look or feel large anymore. Does any one want to lend me a medium to try. How about you, Ian?

Quest Adventure for 29ers in the South East

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  1. Paul Bloomfield says:

    You mention that the large was the right size got you can I ask how tall are you and what size bike do you normally ride?

    1. I am 1.78m/5’10, I have an inside leg of 33″ so I have a very short body but like to ride very low at the front. My road bike and 26″ MTB have a lot of drop from saddle to handle bar. 29ers have changed the way that I ride as the front is 42mm higher than a 26″. I have ridden larges more than anything else but really liked and preferred the medium Scott but it is a tad small. It was a long time before I got onto a medium. The Whyte 18.5 seems to fit between the med and large Scotts so I think that the Whyte fits me best. What I do know is that you can easily adapt, as I have done, to a bike that really is way off what you used to think was perfect.
      I hope that that helps a bit. We have 4 demos here and get “guest” demos in too so you could try one here or see if locally you have some one that has some demos.

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