Perfect finish to National Bike Week

Its been a busy week. In fact it all started last week doing a bike check for the kids at Thomas a Beckett middle school, I then went to EDF Energy in Worthing,  then EDF energy Tuesday for Cycle to Work scheme promotions. On Wednesday it was another bike check for the pupils of The Robert Woodward Academy in Lancing. That evening there was a Bike Maintenance evening at the shop. Friday we had some fun at the Thomas a Beckett summer fair with Darren doing his trials stunts as I got the crowd involved. Then today, to finish off Bike Week,  there was a ride along the Promenade finishing by Sea Lane cafe with a picnic and another bike check.

I had hardly ridden at all although I did manage a session on the Scott Scale 29er on Tuesday and a run Friday. With such glorious weather I had to ride today. I wanted to experience that “Continetal” feel of riding it extreme heat. Unfortunately, I left it too late so it was just pleasnatly hot, nice nevertheless. Running out of time and getting two punctures I didn’t ride far but I enjoyed every second. It was great to see fit women out road riding instead of the usual MAMILS.

Its not always about my rides, I want others to enjoy riding too. Did you ride in National Bike Week? Did you know that it was even on?

Here’s my leisurely summer ride

Finally congratulations to Brad and Team Sky at the British National Road Race Championships. All is looking good for the Big One, we’ll not be short of heroes to follow for the next few weeks.

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