Ride the road – The Tour is on!

The Tour de France has started and there are more Brits than ever before. What’s more they are good enough to win both attention, plaudits , some stages, even a place on the podium. Well done to Geraint Thomas for coming sixth yesterday.

As you know I often tell customers that you want your bike to look good. Well, looking the part yourself helps you go faster. After seeing all the riders yesterday I had t go back to the shop to get some uptodate sunnies – they all have such big lenses now. I’ve already got the bike, the helmet and the kit. I can’t do much about the body but I can to still try to look like a pro.

We had a great ride despite some very horrible drivers. When the roads are clear, its early Sunday morning and the sun is shining why is it that British drivers are so aggressive and abusive. The most surprising thing is that the younger the driver, the worse they were. Today there was definitely a link between cubic capacity, or lack of it, and the level of aggression. The worse was from a guy that wasn’t even at the wheel, his girl friend was. Could it be that the drivers were feeling that their manhood was being challenged by some one on a bike? Not all drivers are bad and on the ride down the A24 dual carriage way every single driver used the maximum width of the road to pass us safely. As you know I never usually ride on dual carriageways.

We found some new roads today from Cocking to Fittleworth, its sign posted as closed but passable on a bike. Really good condition and not a car in sight.

The kit

Spiuk Torsion sunglasses – make you faster
Wilier Cento Uno
Northwave Typhoon shoes
Pearl Izumi base layer and Elite shorts
Castelli Wilier jersey – my favourite
Kask Vertigo helmet

Here’s my ride, just as my gel began to kick in, from Alfold to Ashington, Joe’s legs began to suffer so the run back from Ashington will have knocked back our average.

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