The joy of racing

There is nothing better than watching the pros fight it out in the Big race when my legs are aching from racing myself. I’ve had a couple of weeks off racing so it was great to be back again. It was raining – lovely! I hate the hanging around and shivering but once the race starts – awesome. Not cold, not hot, just right – the wonder of a base layer.

I can’t remember feeling so at one with my kit whether it was the bike, glasses, gloves… even my legs. The bike couldn’t have felt better. I wasn’t riding too bad but eventually the race split and I was in the wrong bit. There were six of us left to chase and we worked so well as a team with each rider doing just enough and the the next coming through. Perfection but looking good was not enough. We couldn’t close the gap.

Despite not doing very well I really enjoyed the ride, the conditions and the battle of mind over body.  I wasn’t proud to be the oldest but was chuffed with the effort that I put in. Its knowing that I pushed to the limit and above that makes me feel so contented now. I need to and will get stronger – give me a couple more races.

The kit was the usual stuff with the outstanding performers being my new glasses, I had fit the clear lenses to my Spiuk Torsion and could ride on the wheel of a rider with spray flying straight into my face and I had absolutely clear, perfect vision the whole race. Not a single drop to impede my vision. I must mention the base layer, its designed for super hot weather but it adds an extra layer and when jersey and it are soaked they provide perfect wind protection: nice and warm.

Here’s the ride, not very impressive! But who cares about me, what we do care about is that there are still 3 Brits in the top ten of Le Tour, Vive les Roast beef!

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