I’d forgotten how nice mountain biking can be

I know that the trails are perfect and the hills a joy to be in but I have been road mad. It helps having the Tour de France on and its made more fun beacuse I’m racing regularly. I’ve also finally got my trip to the mountains organised and I’ll be riding in the Pyrenees next weekend.

I’v given my bike some TLC and I loaded it up into my brothers car last night so I had no choice but to ride off road today. I’ve been so impressed by 29ers that I thought that I’d not want to ride off road again unless I was on a 29er. However, the Scott Scale 29er Pro demo was on loan so I got out the old Kona King Kahuna and headed out into the hills. The weather and trails could not have been better and despite all the hype 26 inches still works. Whatever the terrain or equipment it always comes down to the rider. As Lance said, its not about the bike.

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and how good our patch of Downs is. We are so lucky. I had an awesome ride, visited some of my favourite technical trails, found some new lines in the woods and met countless other riders.

Oh and just one other thing, Cav won again. I don’t know what I’ll do each night now that the Tour is over but I can look back on what was probaly the most interesting one since 1989 when the lead changed almost every stage.

Here is the ride, very slow as my mate was suffering a bit and the Garmin stopped on top of the Downs.

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