More rain and more punctures

I went to Madison today to look at the new Genesis, Ridgeback and Saracen bikes and also Electron and L&M lights, Elite trainers and clothing. The most memorable thing was the Elite Real Axiom Conconi trainer. Doing your own conconi test is really useful if your are training or racing but the actual film of Alpine climbs was mesmerising. I’m off to the Pyrenees in a couple of weeks but I could save a load of time and money by pedalling on this trainer. Fiddling around with Shimano Ultegra Di2 was interesting too (affordable{????} electronic shifting).

I never expected to get back in time to race but I did so it was off to Goodwood under a blackening sky. I had chosen my wet weather jersey and cold weather base layer so I wasn’t worried by the imminent rain. In fact I really enjoy riding in the rain when its not cold and I have the right clothing. By the time that the race started it was pouring and most riders had been put off so there weren’t many of us. Notably Chris McNamara was there. Whilst he might not be very impressed to be racing against a old git like me, I, on the other hand get extra motivated to be racing with the stars. There’s always a chance….. I didn’t get dropped, got near the front for the finish and it it wasn’t for a whole mass of riders overtaking me approaching the line I’d have finished close to the top ten. So near yet so far, I’m guessing that I ended up 20th. What a difference compared with all my recent races? It shows what two good nights sleep and an easy ride on Sunday can do for your form.

Why mention punctures? Joe, my brother, rode over to get in some extra miles. He got a puncture on the way, got dreched in a down pour and only just made it in time for the start. He felt really good after his ride over but punctured on the second lap. Everyone heard the blow out. How unlucky can you get?

Well done to Brighton Mitre for fielding so many riders.

Here’s the ride

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