Not so epic after all

I have enjoyed talking about my ride in the Pyrenees and for me it seemed almost epic although from the good state of my legs I feel sure that I could have done a full week. I have to remember that The Wootton road seven stages last year and a couple of days ago I had a chap in the shop, he seemed very familiar with my routes, it turns out he rode the entire Tour, two weeks ahead of the actual race. It makes my ride seem rather tame.

Well, I’m up for a real thrash this weekend but everything is going wrong. My road bike is still in the boot of a car in France, the Scott Scale 29er Pro is out on loan again – that’s every weekend now, and I’ve pulled a muscle. How do you do these things? I rolled out of the drive and down the road this morning, pulled onto the A24 still in the gear that I had ridden up hill the night before and as I eased into some easy pedaling – twang – something went in my inner thigh. I suppose it saves worrying about what I am going to ride. Will some ice and rub get me on my bike tomorrow?

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