Each to their own!

I woke late but my leg felt good so I’d be out on the bike. I was too late to meet up with my mates who were going over to Whiteways so why not head there too. I started slow worried that I’d aggravate any damaged leg muscle but all seemed good so I slowly cranked it up. I often complain that mountain biking is not hard compared to road riding but it is more down to the way you ride. It is definitely too easy to ease up off road blaming the terrain, thinking technical instead of speed. But it is more down to habit and most of my mountain biking these days is relaxed.

I found myself riding hard as, unlike last weekend, I wasn’t worried about having enough in the tank to get to the top. I got in some good climbs, from the Gate House at Arundel roundabout to the top of Rewell Hill was one long easy hill (127m gain 4.99km average 3%) so I could really try to ride fast. I then crossed the A29 to enter Whiteways and climbed to the top of The Denture, mostly single track so slower until I got onto the fire road (79m gain, 2.08km 4%), then the next one was the climb from North Stoke to Spring Head Hill near Rackham trig point (187m gain, 4.72km 4%). At one point on this climb I had my head down and was so focused on my pace that I didn’t hear the two riders coming down on me. Sorry guys, but was I going up about the same speed that you were going down? Albeit in three sections, I rode the equivalent of a 3nd category TdF climb.

Now this might all sound a bit roadie and not much fun but I really needed to ride on the rivet after last week when I had to make sure that I didn’t redline it on the climbs. Of course I rode as much single track as I could which was awesome in the slippery conditions but it was the climbing that got me going today. After last weekends 405km and 8400m my legs certainly felt good. Each to their own!

Any ideas on where to watch the Olympic test race next Sunday?

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  1. Re; Olympic Test event.

    Boxhill, used twice is by BC wristband only. If you don’t have them we should have a pair spare so long as they turn up, won 4 & 2 arrived on friday. Other than that ‘Liitle Switzerland’ just after Headley has a step desent followed by a short steep climb, again used twice.
    Or Staple Lane from the A246 nr East Clandon heading towards the A25, at the top as it starts to drop there is a nasty right hander, but only used once.
    If you need any more info of the wrist bands just tweet @BeerBiker or @beer_babe or FB Roy McNeill or Judy McNeill.

    1. That’s a great help. I’ll be going up with Janet so we will fend for ourselves regarding the wrist bands.


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