A joy to be back on my road bike

I got my bike back too late to race on Tuesday and I had to much to do until this morning. I got up early to ride but lost time, believe it or not, reading about riding. There’s so much going on at present that Cycling Weekly is a really good read. Can’t wait for the Olympic test race this weekend, we’ll be at Dorking when the riders will be through at about 10:30. It starts at 9am on The Mall

With the clock ticking I couldn’t get to Brighton so chose to ride up Truleigh Hill. It was warmer than the Pyrenees at 7:30 and though not as long the hill was beautiful. The roads to and from were jammed with drivers or should I say dorks, don’t they realise that its not much more than 40 minutes to Brighton by bike. Away from the traffic I could slip into dream land and the climb up was awesome.

Of course I got cut up BUT, I did have a white vans let me over take and the refuse truck driver gave me a nod to indicate that I could pull out in front. So, with riots on around the country, there are some changes to British society that are changing for the better.

Great to be united with my Cento Uno again.

Here’s the ride

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