What a week?

It started with the fear that one of our friends might not make it. Then, as the days moved on, our hopes turned from whether he’ll live, to will his head be OK, to will has leg be OK to will he be out soon to when will he be riding again. Apparently he has already taken cake at Park Life. Good to have you back, Jimbo.

Next up were the time trial World Championships where Emma Pooley got Bronze and Wiggo got Silver, Millar didn’t do too bad either with 7th. The weekend came with the Road Racing World Championship with Nicole Cooke getting 4th and Lizzie Armistead getting 7th.

MaXx Exposure check point 2
MaXx Exposure check point 2

Saturday night we were up on Truliegh Hill to run check point two on the MaXx Exposure 80 miles night race from Eastbourne to Queen Elizabeth Country Park. It was warm (relatively) and dry and we enjoyed plenty banter, some beer and hot dogs. It was good to help so many riders that we know (The Rubber Hat brigade, Andy Monk and crew, Alex Davey who came 4th and David Flower the man behind all things mountain biking at St Andrews school).  The last rider came through well after midnight but was not to be put off and carried on. Let’s hope that he made it. (More pictures)

That brings us to today. I had my first ride in nearly 3 weeks as I have been working the last few weekends. I don’t count commuting and riding around town. It was really warm. I’m still using my climbing cassette 13/26 and feel that I’m going to get too used to it and will get even slower. However, I never used the 26 so now I’m wondering if I change to the 12/25 will that make me lazier as I’ll end up in the 25. Decisions, decisions. It doesn’t really matter as I’m hardly riding and I can wait until next season to start worrying about gear ratios. I’m a long way off summer racing fitness when I was wondering whether I was going to run out of my high gears.

Then came this afternoon, and the best bike race that I have ever seen. Cav, with the support of the GB team, was the favourite to win but the longer the race went on the less likely it looked as if he would make it. The final sprint was awesome, Cav is a true master of sprinting even when the odds are against him. See the last 6km here

His win, together with those of the women and the DH mountain bikers puts us up there as one of the best cycling nations in the world (UCI World rankings, bookmark this so you can see how we rank once it has been updated). Our world ranking seems so hard to imagine given the British approach to road use and our medias obsession with all things football or cricket. Compared with cycling, even rugby is a minority sport, the same can be said of tennis but those sports get regular coverage. When will our obvious cycling success get the media recognition that it deserves?

Here is my short ride

If you consider yourself a road cyclist and don’t have Lizard Skin DSP bar tape you might as well give up until you join the modern era and get comfortable on your bike. This stuff is so good that it seems impossible to imagine riding without it. It ranks up there with carbon forks and you can’t buy a bike without those any more.

Click here for the lights used on MaXx Exposure

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