What an eventful day’s riding?

I had to go to Portslade yesterday morning so took the only viable means of transport, a bike. It took 55mins to do the round trip including the stop to pick up a new indicator for the van – totally impossible on 4 wheels. My average was 28.2 kph on my Panorama. The panniers were loaded so I weighed the bike. It was 41lb 15oz. This must be good for fitness.

On the way over I went through Sompting village which, like Shoreham High Street, is obviously not designed for cars to flow freely. I had a black Audi TT driver swerve towards me to give me a scare. He did. I know that this is sexist and I shouldn’t be but I have assumed that the driver was male. Next abuse was in the road out of the village, as I passed the traffic calming protrusion, the van driver approaching me waved his fist and swore at me. Then approaching the Lancing Manor roundabout I crossed the road to take the pavement to the Shoreham Toll Bridge and another car swerved to “fake” running me down. Is it any wonder that Worthing boast the most dangerous roads in the county? As if to prove this point as I passed the church in Broadwater I saw a cyclist lying on the road surrounded by paramedics with his bike and ambulance beside them. Congratulations drivers, you’ve bagged another.

I went out for an off-road night ride later in the day. I don’t do this very often and so always forget some thing. This time it was the Joystick. I did remember the Niterider Minewt Cordless 600 as I wanted to compare it with the Exposure MaXx D. Amazingly the Niterider delivers about the same brightness with a slightly smaller spread. Not bad for a light 60% less than the Max D. The Max D is still the best off road light that you can buy but not everyone wants to spend that much. The Niterider Minewt Cordless 600 will let you enjoy off-road riding on a budget and you only lose out on some burn time.

Be careful where you shine your lights! We finished the ride at The Gun in Findon (highly recommended for food and ale). As we entered the garden, lights ablaze, there were a couple of smokers (how sad) and we blinded them. We apologised but the male smoker obviously had a hate for mountain bikers. I hope that it wasn’t just prejudice and that the rider or riders that caused him so much grief have mended their ways.

You’ll note from my first paragraph that cyclist have a genuine gripe with drivers but now that we have the power to fight back with light we ought not act the same way as drivers but instead show some consideration and dip those beams.

Finally I have a real gripe. There is a unique trail in these parts that we have been allowed to ride on thanks to the kindness of the land owner. I believe that in gratitude we ought to respect their land and leave this stunning trail as it is. It might not have been quite as nice as it originally and naturally was but in its recent form it was still quiet special. Yesterday it seemed more like a building site with constructions and new lines all over the place.  Whilst for some it may seem an improvement, actually having the trail closed would benefit no one.

Rode home at 10:30pm still warm in a short sleeve jersey. Indian summers are wonderful!

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