Am I wrong to worry about wheel size when the weather is so good?

Autumn has arrived with all of its fantastic colours, the trails are as dry as a bone and the temperature is in the high twenties. Could we be in heaven? Has my time come as a commuter and I’ve finally gone that riders paradise in the sky?

Whatever, my ride tomorrow should be heavenly so why should I worry? The Niner EMD has been borrowed and the Scott 29er and Whyte 29er demos are not in until November. What am I to do? I have a shop full of bikes and all that I want to do is to ride a big wheeler. Whilst my trusty King Kahuna is even better then it ever was it and the Marin Riftzone XC8 was built to my exact specification, they are just not the same now that I’m used to big wheels. To make matters worse I rode a Scott Scale 29er Elite medium yesterday which, as far as I am concerned, is the most exciting hard tail that I have ever ridden. I should just get out and enjoy tomorrows ride but I already had a plan for the Niner EMD demo. I forgot to check the demo diary.

I think that the only way to console myself will be to order up a some Scott Scale 29er Experts so that when they arrive we’ll have plenty to go around including a medium for me. I have already ordered a large as a shop demo. The signs are that they’ll run out before the end of the year.

I’m riding the Riftzone tomorrow.

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