It doesn’t get much better this……. and its January

I checked the temperature just after 7 expecting it to be freezing. It was 5 degrees and the sun wasn’t even up! I’d had an easy flat road ride on Wednesday and decided not to ride Friday so I was really up for to this morning’s trip. I wanted to explore a track that I had seen last week over at Whiteways so chose the quickest and driest route possible to get there and back. I’d be riding the bike that I had borrowed for Will to try. He’ll have to have a 29er if he wants to race so last week I got him a medium Scott Scale 29er Pro and this week I got him one of the two Whyte 29 CS in the country. He was road riding today with his coach Steve of Ultimate Fitness – lucky for me. I like the Whyte so much that I have ordered one for myself. Roll on February: 23 and a bit pounds of trail munching speed machine. I’ve already raved over and reviewed this bike so enough said now. Here the review written during our Indian Summer – not to different from today!

The trails were bone dry virtually everywhere and in the woods where it was soft it had dried enough to be able to avoid any mud. In a way this was unfortunate as I had fit a set of Maxxis Beavers to test. They were great: light, good cornering in the soft stuff, relatively narrow to cut through anything heavy and confidence inspiring. However, I should have used the Mountain King/Race King that had come on the bike as it was like riding in the summer.

This is about as good as it gets. Loads of singletrack, not once did I get hot or cold, the sun shone and, I didn’t have to clean the bike. It doesn’t get much better than this. The only downer was that I got really tired and the last few miles were a struggle battling into the face of a strong South Easterly. I used my bike cleaning time to just sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun sipping my recovery drink. I was knackered. All this and yet it is mid January. In Britain. Unbelievable!

Kit: Whyte 29 CS with Maxxis Beaver tyres, Northwave Celsius boots, Gore Tool jacket, Endura Thermolite tights, Endura MT500 Spray shorts, Endura MT500 gloves….. Warm and comfortable all the way round.

Here’s the route, try it.

You may never be as fast a Will but you can make remarkable improvements to your fitness with a training program.

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