Half a mile an hour faster!

I wrote earlier that I don’t do New Years resolutions. However, after my New Years Day cruise with my brother I went out with Will and got mullah’d. Since then I have been making and effort and this week rising at 5:30 am in the pitch black has actually been OK. I’ve had two rides and today whilst I wasn’t hanging around I was definitely not pushing too hard and was half a mile an hour quicker than my ride with Will a couple of weeks ago. I was on my own and had a head wind to contend with on the way back. It just shows what you can do if you make an effort. Of course I know that I’ll always struggle with him as the age gap is just too much but it would be nice to be able to hang on for most of a ride.

My motivation is to get back to what I consider fit. This is a bit vague and I need a real goal. Each year I decide that I will make it to third cat and ride the South Downs Way flat out. Each year, I get busy and it all falls to pieces. At least the excitement of 29ers will surely spur me on to do it this year.

One thing that I am trying to do now is to put a group of like minded riders together so that we can really grind out some fast rides and with enough of them I can always take a breather in the middle.

Here’s my flat loop and here’s the Devil’s Dyke hilly both long enough to be worth it but short enough to do before work.

Comfort provided by Endura Convert Softshell and Northwave Farhenheit boots.
Speed from Wilier Cento Uno.

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