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Whyte 829 on the Sheep Track
Whyte 829 on the Sheep Track

For me riding is always about trying to get faster, thinking that these miles will benefit me later, perfecting my cornering, trying always to get better. Now at my age that may be a pointless task but that is the way I am.

Sometimes something else takes over. I nearly aborted this morning’s ride as, first the customer wanted another day on the Scott Spark 29er and second it started to snow when I went to bed. I left for work on the Whyte 829 and as soon as I hit the trails I was on snow. Unlike Sunday’s slippery, fondant mush this was nice dry, cold snow. This stuff is great for riding as it offers excellent grip and being untracked there were no intimidating roots or ruts to worry about.

I was really enjoying myself happy that I was taking the perfect line when all of a sudden I realised just how nice the riding was. I wasn’t busting a gut, risking life and limb as I cranked the bike over, no I was just enjoying riding for the sake if it and being out in such a beautiful place. Bliss! People pay huge amounts of money and travel the world for this sensation and yet there was I in complete contentment on an hour’s single track commute to work.

The Whyte 829 could not be a more perfect fit for me and it handles like a dream. It took me a while to fall for this one but now that I am used to it I think that it has got to be one of the best 29ers out there for my shape and riding style. My Whyte 29CS isn’t due until the 25th March and as they are in such short supply I might end up losing it to young Will (on the up and up unlike someone on the down and out).

A few tips:

The trails: some parts of the hill (northside) have ice and frozen snow under the fresh stuff: beware!

Cold hands: Here’s a technique that I used when windsurfing in February. Warm up, stop before your hands are cold and shake them and yourself about to get the blood circulating (when really cold you body takes blood away from extremities to keep the core warm), ride some more and do the same again (at the next gate), once your core is warm and the blood is pumping you may find that your fingers are warm. Circulation is the key to this.

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  1. Hoops says:

    Cold Hands: This Tuesday night’s frozen ride saw me with one warm hand and one completely numb and frozen. A five minute stop to thaw it out by shoving in my shorts worked!

    1. Sometimes its just too cold. I used Thinsulate fleece gloves over my cycling gloves last wednesday and that worked. Get them from B&Q

  2. HereFourTheRide says:

    Hoops TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! 😉 and another tick in the 829 box … humm

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