At last a real and fun winter’s ride

The temperature had only risen a few degrees but that was enough to make this mornings ride really pleasant. It was still freezing, the ground was frozen sold or iced up but grip was good provided by the really cold snow. I was riding with my other brother and bearing in mind the conditions we weren’t going to be hammering flat out for miles. So I was riding again for the sheer pleasure of pedalling, the conditions and the company.

I wish I’d taken the Garmin as you could have seen our route, we zig-zagged all over to stay on single track with our most northerly point the bottom of the Lion Trail. It may not be Wales or the North Downs but if you know your way around there is a lot of good riding round here.

The best trail today was the Monarch’s Way to No man’s Land. No snow, clear and rock hard. I took the Whyte 829 down faster than any other bike so far. I use this trail as a test of a bike. If I can ride it without touching the brakes then I assume that the bike works. Perhaps due to the conditions, maybe the balance of the Whyte 829, whatever, I was able even to pedal to accelerate. I don’t think that I’ve pedalled so hard when on a non-braking run. It’s a real buzz whipping through those turns trying not to let my forefingers flick off the bars. Cool. Try it!

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