Today we rode in a bunch

I have spent years riding on my own or in small groups. The reason is that whilst cycling is one of the most important things in my life, it is not the only thing. I have also worked most Saturdays and so I only have one day a week free, Sunday. Ever since I had a young family I found that riding early in the morning was the only way to get several hours on the bike without affecting my family life (commuting was another). Now, years on, I really enjoy having a full day as well as riding. The only problem is that so many riders sacrifice ride time for bed time.

I have finally got together a group of riders that both rise early and ride at a similar pace to me.

Today, we met at the Red Lion in Shoreham and as I led the group of 5 up to Bramber I had an enormous grin on my face. I love riding in a peleton. We didn’t ride far or fast but at least we rode and I am sure that this group will, as the days get warmer, wind up its speed and our Sunday runs will prove to be good training rides for the fast approaching race season.

I’d recommend to all riders to start using Strava. I have just begun to up load my rides and it is fascinating. There won’t be a hill that I ride up on or off road that I won’t be thinking about my time and my ranking on Strava. Join up now. All that you’ll need is a GPS device, Android phone or iPhone to record your rides.

Here’s the ride.

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