Adultery and the Scott Foil Team Issue

Today’s ride was going to be complicated only because I was going to drop my wife off in Portsmouth at 7:15 am. That meant a later start and, thankfully, my buddies all offered to wait for me.

So with my wife away I was set to play and I had a Scott Foil Team Issue for fun. It felt positively adulterous as I am so attached to my Wilier Cento Uno. I never thought that I’d ever need another bike. The Scott Foil was sweet.

It was a large/56cm so one size too big but I spent some time adjusting it so that it was a perfect fit. The frame and stem were longer than my bike but because the head tube is taller it meant that the reach was exactly the same to the millimetre. The only thing that I had forgotten to check was the tyre pressure.  With the Zipp 404s there was hardly any valve showing so I didn’t have a pump to inflate them. Thankfully we have Lezyne so off to the shop before the ride. I’ve now got a Lezyne Road Drive and know what all the fuss is about. These pumps are awesome and the screw on hose meant that I could pump them up and to prove it again I got a puncture just to confirm how good the pump was. My first puncture on the road since April!

The Scott Foils has been streamlined by Simon Smart and the unnecessary tail of the foil sections have been removed saving weight and keeping the tubes more regular in shape. Look closely and every tube is beautifully sculptured to reduce resistance and look like a work of art. It is supposed to be the most aerodynamic road frame available and Cycling Weekly tested it to prove it. I’m not the fastest or most aerodynamic rider so the tube profile may be lost on me. CW said that it was stiff. It is and gives and inspiring ride. I might not choose it to ride the Pavé but on our rough roads it was just fine. I would never describe it as either uncomfortable or too stiff but I would describe it as exciting and fast. Isn’t that what you’d want? The wheels were Zipp 404s and they rolled smooth, absorbed the shocks, only weighed 1662g and have an aluminium braking surface. The frame stiffness, wheels and overall weight of 6.78kg meant that its acceleration and climbing were remarkable even with me providing the power. The finishing kit was all Ritchey WCS carbon and the brakes and transmission is Sram Red. I was asked what was the best shifting and my reply was that it was a road bike so who cares. But after the question I started to think. Now there are Shimano and Campagnolo fans out there but when it comes to the ergonomics you’ve got to hand the crown to Sram. The Red shifter shape was so good that even he big S had to copy it. As for the double tap it is so intuitive that you get used to it on one ride. Would I have one? Yes. Do I have £6,999 spare? No! I have been promised a ride on a medium and I will try to borrow it for a race. It really is a stunning bike. Unfortunately our demo isn’t due until June!!!!! Foil prices start at £2,199 so you can enjoy the pleasure of owning such a remarkable frame for a relatively  modest price.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to my wife coming back and I’m to getting back on my Cento Uno. The Foil is available if anyone wants a go.

Here’s the ride, nearly averaged 20mph!  There were a lot of accelerations, we made the most of the climbs and had a long puncture. It started cool and ended up gloriously warm. Ahhh: Spring!

If you are atall competitive you’ve got to try Strava, its free and easy. Here’s the ride on Strava.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ciaran says:

    So how does it really ride?

    I own the scott addict r2 and im wondering if its any better to that?

    id find the scott hard to ride over 100km

    did it cost much?

    1. Hi. Its stiffer than the Addict at the head tube and BB which is a positive but if you want to do 100s you’ll need to be fit as you tend to feel every bump. It is not a sportive bike, speed comes at a cost like any performance car, ride is sacrificed for speed.
      I don’t find it uncomfortable, but exciting. I’ve got into good shape this season which helps too. It may be that you’d be better off with a more compliant bike. It might be worth looking at your wheel set too. The 404s are OK not too stiff.
      At the end of the day it is more or less an aerodynamic Addict. Try to demo one. We have one here.

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