Winter riding in May with the Scott Foil

My bike is in bits. I’d put off servicing it over and over other than minor adjustments. Its coming up for three years old and it has never had a full service. Be warned, if you love your bike, regardless of cost, it needs servicing. For those of you with high value bikes it makes sense to protect your investment but also the cost will only be a small percentage of the price of the bike and if you divide that by the time since you bought it the cost will seem modest.

Scott Foil

Scott Foil Team Issue
Scott Foil Team Issue

We still have a Scott Foil Team Issue here so I’ve been riding that while waiting for my new wheel bearings to arrive. On every ride that I have done on this bike I have ridden quicker than on any other bike. I know that it is stiff (very, very stiff), its light (6.78kg), is one of, if not the, most aerodynamic frame in the world and sports a set of Zipp 404s but I can’t pin point any specific thing that makes it faster. It’s a large so longer and higher than my bike. The extra length flattens my back, the narrower bars reduce my width and the extra height means that I am in the drops for much of the ride, even on climbs. I’ve even taken to turning my elbows in to further reduce drag. I’m often averaging close to 20mph so, as 50% of my effort is going into driving through the air, it makes sense to be a slippery shape – aerodynamic (but I’m not going to wear a skinsuit).  I’m definitely making progress here, however, whilst I feel quicker on the flat and drags I still feel incredibly slow on the climbs. I need to, either get stronger, lose weight or only ride with big guys. It looks as if my only option it to try to get stronger.

Riding with your buddies and playing with Strava may be fun but none of those times, KOMs or sprints really mean that much. They may flatter the ego but what really counts is beating some one head to head, shoulder to shoulder, on the same stretch, on the same day, at the same time, in the same conditions and on the same type of bike.  Roll on Tuesday and my first race of the season. Let’s see what I’m really made of. The Goodwood Gallops are organised by The Surrey League and are on most Tuesday evenings until 21st August. If you don’t fancy the obvious risk of riding around at 30mph with a hundred other riders you could pit your bike strength against the clock by joining Worthing Excelsior’s evening 10 series on Thursdays.

As for mountain biking, my wheels (1366g) will be built next week. I have the transmission, saddle, bars and stem but still don’t have a frame/fork yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly, it may be the May Bank Holiday weekend but it was only 7˚C and raining with a steady North Easterly blowing when I left home in winter gloves, overshoes and an Endura Convert Softshell jacket. The rain continued for most of the ride.

Well done to all who braved the Downs for the Steyning Triathlon and the Three Forts Marathon.

Here’s the ride.

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