Racing in the sunshine and riding the Scott Foil and the Scott Scale 29er Expert

The sunshine has arrived and I’ve enjoyed two races wearing only shorts and jersey – no cold weather gear – at last! As well as the clothing it’s been a good week for Scott. I used the Foil Team Issue racing at Goodwood on Tuesday and our demo Scale 29er Expert today at Wasing for the Southern Championship XC race.

Tuesday’s race was unusual in that I arrived in plenty of time, I’d eaten and had time to warm up. Normally, I only just make it in time to start, I don’t usually eat all day and I never get a chance to warm up. The result was that I was so laid back that I just didn’t get into it and apart from contesting two sprints (I got one point), I just sat in and cruised round. Not very satisfying! It is supposed to be about hanging on for dear life and extreme efforts. Whilst I’m probably not good enough, fit enough or young enough to achieve anything in the results I still like to push myself.


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