Testing two sets of wheels in one day

This week end presented me with a dilemma. My Cento Uno was finally up and running (thanks Paul) and I had a set of Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm carbon wheels screaming at me to be tested. Also there was a race on at Goodwood but my worry was that it might not be a “proper” race and a bunch of us turning up with carbon mega machines might be over the top. How wrong I was?


BOR XMD 333 29er wheel set

I also wanted to test my new MTB wheels that Paul built for me, 29” and only 1440g! I’d been loaned a nice bike to test them on and all up it only weighed 22.12lbs (9.95kg I think).

Unable to make the choice myself I let my buddies decide for me. That’s want friends are for. The race was for the MS Society and there were all sorts of riders getting involved for this very good cause. There was also a bunch of riders who wanted a race. We started off at the usual easy pace but after about 3 laps one of our group, Eric, took off, I chased him as did Byron and another rider, Tim. We put in a huge effort to create a big gap and then I expected the pace to ease up. It didn’t. I was totally out classed and we still had 18 laps to go. Unlike bunch riding there were no easy sections so drinking was difficult, having a gel was a real ordeal. There was I thinking that I might be wasting my Sunday on an easy ride. This was hell. We ended up finishing in the lead although I got dropped for the last lap. As usual it was windy and the wheels just flew. The deep section rims just sail through the wind and the Cult ceramic bearings roll without any resistance. They are here for you to try too.


Once the race was over I was in agony. I’ve spent a month riding the Scott Foil and, whilst, my Wilier Cento Uno is a perfect fit it is different and the saddle is not the same. I even had to do my warm down lap standing up as my bum hurt so much.

When I got home I wasn’t exactly welcome. My wife is studying for some exams and she didn’t want me around so I thought that I might as well test those new 29er wheels (BOR hubs, BOR 333 rims, DT Super comp spokesand Maxxis Ikon tyres, no tubes). The only problem was going to be my sore arse and worn out legs. Luckily, the SLR Gel Flow was soft enough and my legs felt fine. I did a couple of hours but forgot to start the Garmin which was a shame because I did my favourite downhill – Kithurst Hill and the climb up Chantry Hill and I’d like to have seen the times. The wheels are so light that they make climbing a joy.

So my Sunday turned out to be better than most and I didn’t end up sacrificing one kind of riding for another. Result!

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