Kinesis FF29 ride and a stunning SDW triple

For some one that says that he’s road riding all the time I seem to be clocking up a lot of dirt miles. I rode off road last weekend despite having road raced in the morning. On Friday evening I accompanied Richard Sterry on his South Downs Way Triple attempt. By the way he did it in 37 hours. Hats off to you Richard. Awesome! However, I was in a curry house bloated and beered when Rory turned up with a Kinesis FF29 to ride. How could I not join them on the Downs despite it being 11pm? I was out on the FF29 again this morning.

One reason for this dirt enthusiasm is that I am trying to decide on a new bike. I wanted a Whyte 29CS but the 2013s won’t arrive until August at the earliest and there are no more 2012s available.  I have the wheels and tyres, transmission, finishing kit, half the brakes, an FF29 frame on the way (more or less decided) but no forks. There are no 29er taper forks in the UK! It seems that anything that you want these days is out of stock. What a crazy industry?

Kinesis FF29

So what’s the FF29 like?

You can study geometry charts as much as you like and read the reviews and catalogues but nothing beats riding a bike.

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