Has Spring sprung?

Joy of joys, despite a typically dreadful BBC forecast it was dry and, relatively, warm last night. Warm enough for shorts and a light long sleeve jersey and for the first time this year no winter road boots and not even any shoe covers. It was bliss. Has our long overdue Spring finally sprung?

Of course, there was still a stiff easterly blowing into our faces along the sea front but for some perverse reason I love (hate) this part of the ride. There is a Strava segment for this tortuous 2.4km but despite having ridden it over 20 times in the last couple of months (always into wind) I am not on the leader board, not even acknowledged as riding it.  Does anyone have an idea why Strava is denying me a record of my efforts?

The Blazing Saddles crew seem to be getting stronger and stronger and it really was a struggle hanging on at times but that is why I am there. This really is a nice group and a real tonic for the soul. It is improving riders no end. Will’s dad has gone from being a wheel sucker (Will’s wheel – to be fair anyone would be proud to hang on to his) to a devastatingly aggressive sprinter and a power house at the front of the group. We are only just coming out of winter so who knows how fast the ride will become?

The ride: Strava

I have since found my sea front record, 70th but that was into an easterly wind so 36.7k is not a bad effort. I’ll have to wait for a souwester.

The bike: De Rosa Merak Athena EPS thanks to Mark at I-Ride for lending me this. It has converted me to electronic shifting, the 3T Ergosum handle bar is the best I’ve used and 25mm tyres are here to stay.

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