I can’t believe it’s not summer

At last a ride with no Strava highlights. I didn’t have my Garmin so used the phone which is set up for running. I converted it to a ride and have no rankings. Excellent, it was supposed to be an easy cruise and without a speedo I had no idea how fast I was going. It is good not to know otherwise there is always the thought of another segment to try to better my performance on.

I couldn’t ride early today so went out at lunch time. Way too many people and cars for me but I won’t complain as I was in shorts a jersey and a summer base layer. My only concession to the air temperature were my arm warmers. This was bliss. I was hot and sweating despite the strong breeze. It was actually like a summer’s ride. The sun didn’t just shine but beat down on my back.

Sun - Spithandle Lane
Sun – Spithandle Lane

I had to stop and ask a walker to take my photo lest I end up thinking that it was just a dream.  I may end up cherishing the memory if last summer was anything to go by. It was only 11 days ago that I was riding on the coldest April day on record!

Normally stretching is a chore, albeit a necessary one, but today I made a meal of it sipping a recovery drink, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the 20c. Can you remember the last time that you felt like that? August?

I took out the old Cento today (I love this bike despite mechanical shifters). It has a slightly laxer head angle and wider bars (44cm) so although the shape is not as good as the 3T Ergosum bars the bike climbs better out of the saddle than the De Rosa Merak.  I was doing a lot of that today as I was really taking it easy on my legs. It must be my age as I really struggle to recover from some of the Tuesday sessions. I had 23mm tyres pumped to 110psi and they were really harsh compared with my 25mm GP4000. Bigger is better!

After such a tough, cold, wet and long winter I really feel that we deserve some hot summer days.

Here is the ride

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  1. Lee Jasper says:

    40 miles in just over 2 hours ! i would say you were doing bloody well !!! Wasnt it nice to feel the sunshine ????? Simon and I are planning to join you boys for a Tuesday ride soon, maybe this week ?

    1. The warmth and sun were amazing.It’s been months since we could enjoy a day like that. My legs hurt so maybe it is better to have a computer. I think that I need to get another Garmin with a heart rate monitor to help ride easy when I plan to ride easy. It’ll be good to see you Tuesday – its pretty quick.

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